State of Florida Minority, Women & Florida Veteran Owned (SDV) Business Certification
(Business Certification through 10/01/2020)


State certification is Florida’s premier stamp of approval for Minority, Women, and Florida Veteran business enterprises. It is widely accepted across the State of Florida in the private sector as well as cities, counties, school districts, hospitals, and other governmental entities.

The goal of the Office of Supplier Diversity is to increase the number of business enterprises in the State of Florida. Certification officers are responsible for identifying and certifying business enterprises by conducting thorough and effective eligibility reviews while ensuring that vendors receive prompt and responsive customer service. Eligibility criteria can be found in Chapter 287, Florida Statutes, Chapter 295.187, Florida Statues and Chapter 60A-9, Florida Administrative Code. The Office of Supplier Diversity maintains a directory of certified business enterprises online.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in using either D & S National, Inc. or our Minority Owned Business Project as a contractor or subcontractor: (407) 485-3403.

Office of Supplier Diversity Certified Vendor Directory